Parade Theme for 2017

“Land of the Free: Because of the Brave.”

Come join the fun of the MELBA 4TH OF JULY PARADE!  This parade is attended by hundreds (maybe even thousands) who annually line the streets of Melba.  So shine up that antique car or truck, clean up that tractor or load your son’s winning baseball team into the back of the pick-up and COME JOIN THE PARADE!  Just about everyone can think of a great entry for the Melba 4th of July Parade.  If you have never been in a parade this is your chance.  This parade is one of the best HOMETOWN parades anywhere around, and WE NEED YOU in order to make it the best one yet!  What better way is there to display your Love for America and appreciation for the Freedom we treasure!  So come be part of the Melba 4th of July Parade this year and :  “Land of the Free: Because of the Brave.”

Parade Schedule:

The lineup begins on the 4th @ the intersection of Baseline Rd. & Carrie Rex

  1. Lineup begins @ 9 a.m.
  2. Judging begins @ 9:30 a.m. (Please be in place if you would like your entry judged).
  3. Parade begins @ 10:30 a.m

Parade Information:

  • All types of entries are welcome and it is never too late to enter
    • (Just bring the parade application with you when you lineup).
    • There is no FEE it is free so create something and join in on on the fun.
  • Candy is allowed to be thrown/handed out to the crowd.
  • Any questions please contact Jane Zeyer 495-2241 or