$5.00 admission per child.

Age Brackets:

5 – 6 year olds
7 – 8 year olds
11 – 12 year olds
13 year olds.

Adult Round: $5.00 bill goes around a chick.  Adult admission is free.

Thanks to Pannell’s Drywall Express and a special thanks to Don for supporting  this event over the years.

The Chicken Round –Up is a country (special treat) event. Not just anyone gets to chase, catch and keep a live prize, give it a name, and tuck it in each night.

The glee and special expressions of pure joy says it all!

It is something for the entire family. It has become an event where parents of the children reminisce and give advice as to when they caught a chicken.

Dunlap Hatchery has helped by donating the elusive birds for several years. We greatly appreciate their continued support.

Pannell’s Drywall Express has also sponsored the Round – up since its inception in 1988.

But it is YOU who makes it all worthwhile.